The mission of the Masjid al Tawheed (EGACC) Sunday School is to develop and preserve the Islamic character of our youth by establishing their knowledge and love of the Quran and Sunnah; strengthening their hearts with iman and taqwa; and inspiring them to apply this knowledge to their daily lives.

Children are both the present and the future of any community. Our efforts at the Masjid al Tawheed Sunday School include shaping the present and the future of our community by providing a positive and caring Islamic learning environment.

Our instructional day is equally divided into two parts – one period for Quran instruction and one for Islamic Studies. The Quran portion of the program begins with mastery of the Qaaidah Nooriniyah to ensure that students become fluent in Arabic letter recognition and makhaarij, proper pronunciation. From there students learn the rules of tajweed in order to read the Quran correctly and in the beautiful manner in which it is prescribed. Students are also offered a lunch period which enables them to socialize and develop friendships with other Muslim children.

The Sunday School has a highly dedicated and motivated staff who care about their students and pleasing Allah (SWT). We have a strong commitment to creative learning opportunities, ongoing professional development and team work designed to maximize teacher and student progress.

Registration Fees (per Semester):

1 Student $75 + $20 Mandatory Lunch & Supplies Fee
2 Students $140 + $40 Mandatory Lunch & Supplies Fee
3 Students $205 + $60 Mandatory Lunch & Supplies Fee
Fees are due the first day of school.
All classes have required Islamic Studies and Quran Class books and will be available for purchase at the beginning of the semester.

Masjid Tawheed Sunday School 2020-21 School Year:

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