Current Iqama Times:

Jummah Prayer

1st Khutbah: 1:05pm (Bayan will begin before Zawwal as time permits)

2nd Khutbah: 2:15pm

Please note the following points regarding Jummah prayer at Masjid al Tawheed:

  1. Anyone with preexisting health conditions or those that are feeling ill should not come to the Masjid.
  2. All persons attending prayer must sign in and provide their name and phone number.
  3. All persons attending prayer must adhere to 6ft social distancing, praying in indicated areas.
  4. All persons attending prayer must wear a face covering at all times.
  5. All persons should use the restroom at home and should avoid making wudu at the Masjid.
  6. All persons attending prayer should avoid hand shaking and hugging.
  7. Only a certain amount of vehicles will be allowed into the Masjid. After this limit is reached the gate will be closed until the next Jummah Prayer time. Once the gate is closed we ask each person to continue driving and not to block traffic on Elk Grove Florin Rd or at the entrance of our Masjid.
  8. Due to space constraints, Jummah Prayer will only be open to those whom it is Fard upon. Women and small children will not be allowed in the Masjid at this time.

Download the current prayer schedule here: