Shaykh Sayed Waheed Ahmadzada

Shaykh Sayed Waheed Ahmadzada serves as the Imam and community leader of Masjid Tawheed (EGACC). Shaykh Waheed also serves as a teacher of Qur’anic Studies (Tafseer) and Islamic Studies and is the Head of the Islamic Studies Department at the private, Internal Baccalaureate Al Arqam Islamic School and College Preparatory in Sacramento, CA. Shaykh Waheed has served as the Imam and community leader of Masjid Tawheed since 2006.

Well versed in counseling, education and youth outreach, Shaykh Waheed has led the Elk Grove Muslim community in prayers, marriage ceremonies, funeral services, interfaith dialogue, daily and weekly Qur’an and Islamic Studies classes, family and youth counseling, and civic and political engagement.  Shaykh Waheed is also a registered Imam with the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA, the largest Assembly in the United States specializing in Islamic Jurisprudence in contemporary society) and is a regular attendee and recipient of the annual AMJA conference certification on contemporary issues facing Muslims in Western Society. Shaykh Waheed is also an active member of the Islamic Society of North America and regularly attends ISNA’s Annual Educational forums as a teacher and educator.

Shaykh Waheed was born and raised in Nangarhar, Afghanistan and pursued his studies at the Faculty of Usool ud Deen International Islamic University in Islamabad. It is there that he received a BA Honors in Islamic Studies with a specialization in Dawaa and a MA in Islamic Studies; with a specialization in Comparative Religion.

Shaykh Waheed is fluent in 5 languages (Arabic, Pashto, Dari, English, and Urdu) and constantly keeps up to date with current affairs and international news. In his spare time, Shaykh Waheed reads and analyzes works for approval in the Islamic school library and resource center and also collects Tafaasir and other Islamic works for his own personal collection of Islamic literature. Blessed with beautiful sons and a daughter, Shaykh Waheed lives happily with his family in Elk Grove and likes to go on the occasional trips to Lake Tahoe or Yosemite National Park.

Shaykh Waheed may be contacted via email at